I write about, grow business for & mentor innovators. I also create new things.

Let’s find your story together.

Business Consultant & Mentor

Ruth has scaled global business for Google, fast-growth startups and SMBs in Europe and the US.

She understands the constraints of small businesses as much as the challenges @scale. 

Ruth is a firm believer in the mantra that "good business starts with great communication (and operations)." 

In addition, she has extensive experience mentoring startups in the food and tech industries (B2B+C).

From securing funding or managing cap tables to growing a brand, producing your next event or managing your community, she'll help you anticipate your business challenges before they happen! 


Ruth believes in the power of a well-crafted message and brand. 

With extensive content strategy, communications and brand experience, she helps individuals and businesses find, refine and express their story the right way. 

She can help you find the common narrative to your project and answer questions like:

- How do you introduce a new product or brand to the world?
- How do you evolve an existing product or brand?
- Is the tone/language of your product helping your brand or hurting it?
- How does this translate into social media strategy?
- Do I even need content?!
- Should I care about quality vs. quantity (of content)?
- How should I be monitoring my marketing performance (KPIs, Analytics etc.) 
- How do I get press for my business?


With a unique perspective forged by cross-industry experience, Ruth offers 20 years of writing experience to her clients.

Ruth now specializes in food and tech innovation. As a seasoned writer, award-winning poet and translator, she is fascinated by language and its power to convey one idea many different ways. 

She has also produced and edited websites, product copy, videos, TV scripts and voiceovers for a range of different audiences.


Ruth has created and edited international publications for Google, the ex-Google community, food-tech, B2B, B2C and not-for-profit startups.

She is also the founder of successful blogs The Xoogler, and Capable Collective, showcasing the work of people with backgrounds in tech addressing new challenges in different industries, careers or driving social change. 

With both business and creative acumen, Ruth is as comfortable editing copy for a food brand or news article as data-heavy research papers and investment pitch decks! 


Ruth is bright, creative, and has a charming personality— all these make working with her a great experience. She knows her work and delivers results.
— Pramiti, UX Research & Product Designer
Ruth is a detailed-oriented person... definitely a good mentor. She’s a process design expert too.
— Eng, former Google Compliance Lead
It’s not easy to embody the brand of poise and competence required to navigate complex product environments. Ruth has definitely done it by putting forth a mammoth amount of effort and assimilate her organization into the Google way of doing things.
— Cody, Program Manager & Policy Lead