Now I help people and brands tell their story the right way with tailored creative direction.


Your life, brand or product is a story. How you express that story depends on what you’re really trying to say (or do) and the audience.

The right story can help you decide:

- How to launch a product or brand?
- If you or your business need content?!
- How to craft pitches or presentations?
- How to track content performance?
- How to approach SEO?
- Where to start with PR?

That’s where I come in.

Strategist + Business Lead

From businesses, brands, products and policies to publications, I’ve been fortunate enough to launch them all.

Who for? Google, governments, startups, agencies, consultancies and nonprofits around the world.

Those experiences taught me how to solve for the constraints of small business or challenges at scale. That’s why, these days, I build strategies designed for them both.

Language meets logic.


Writing is joy.

So much so, in fact, it’s led to 100+ published articles, some ghost-writing and journalism covering innovation in food, technology and design.

During a few pit-stops, I founded The Xoogler, a volunteer project about the intersection of innovation and socially conscious design, some blogs about food and poetry, produced videos, a lot of copy and newsletters. 

More joy! Somehow along the way I won two prizes for my poetry. Joy cubed. 


Editing is like doing the dishes after cooking a great meal. Necessary but no one likes it.

Luckily for some, I make a great dishwasher.

From architects, politicians and editors-in-chief to founders of global companies, I’ve grappled with decks and documents to tease out the simple narrative that got results. 

Elbow-grease for hire. Sponge optional.


Ruth is a rare mix of storyteller and strategist. She is a true innovator who can do it all! From strategy and branding to plans for global programs, she maintains a delightful attitude and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ruth as a go-to expert.
— Jaci, Founder
Ruth is bright, creative, and has a charming personality— all these make working with her a great experience. She knows her work and delivers results.
— Pramiti, UX Research & Product Designer
Ruth is a detailed-oriented person... definitely a good mentor. She’s a process design expert too.
— Eng, former Google Compliance Lead
It’s not easy to embody the brand of poise and competence required to navigate complex product environments. Ruth has definitely done it by putting forth a mammoth amount of effort and assimilate her organization into the Google way of doing things.
— Cody, Program Manager & Policy Lead