I’m a big ideas person who loves language, logic and helping others.

What’s your story? Let’s craft it together.


Ruth has launched brand strategies, products, policies and publications for Google, B2C + B2B startups, SMBs, agencies, consultancies and nonprofits.

As a result, she understands the constraints of small businesses as much as the challenges at scale. She brings an experienced but fresh perspective on how to approach them both.

In addition, Ruth is a seasoned strategist covering areas such as branding, content marketing, scaling startups, products or how to practice mindful innovation.

An experienced mentor and holistic practitioner, she also enjoys helping people find solutions to their personal as much as business challenges.


From crafting your brand, content strategy or business pitch to sharing your story, Ruth is here to help! 

She can help you find the common narrative to your project and answer questions like:

- How do I introduce a new product or brand to the world?
- How do I grow my personal brand?
- Is the tone/language of my product and content helping or hurting my brand?
- Do I even need content?!
- How much copy is enough?
- Best practice for pitches and presentations?
- How to track content performance?
- Do I need to pay for SEO?
- How do I get good PR?


Ruth has written and ghost-written 100+ articles on business, food, wellness, technology and science innovation for CEOs, investors, businesses, blogs, the press and beyond!

She's founded 5 acclaimed publications, including The Xoogler, produced videos, crafted global e-mail campaigns and copy for digital and physical products. 

Ruth is also the proud recipient of an international prize for her poetry.  


Ruth has edited a lot of different things for a lot of different people (including herself).

From architects, politicians and editors-in-chief to founders of global technology companies, she’s grappled with decks and documents to tease out the simple narrative that gets results. 

A linguist, teacher and translator by training, Ruth can also internationalize or translate content to grow your brand. 


Ruth is a rare mix of storyteller and strategist. She is a true innovator who can do it all! From strategy and branding to plans for global programs, she maintains a delightful attitude and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ruth as a go-to expert.
— Jaci, Founder
Ruth is bright, creative, and has a charming personality— all these make working with her a great experience. She knows her work and delivers results.
— Pramiti, UX Research & Product Designer
Ruth is a detailed-oriented person... definitely a good mentor. She’s a process design expert too.
— Eng, former Google Compliance Lead
It’s not easy to embody the brand of poise and competence required to navigate complex product environments. Ruth has definitely done it by putting forth a mammoth amount of effort and assimilate her organization into the Google way of doing things.
— Cody, Program Manager & Policy Lead